The D.E.A. is Implementing Sweeping Changes in the Way Painkillers are Prescribed

The Federal government is finally cracking down on the prescribing of certain strong painkillers, mostly opioids like Vicodin. This is a move some state governments have already made after seeing an alarming rate of overdose deaths on these drugs. Over-prescription and addiction to opioids have escalated since the late 1990’s, and overdose on these painkillers is the #1 cause of accidental death in our country – it’s so bad that the CDC has officially called it an epidemic.


The DEA is placing very strict rules on prescribing and handling these drugs. Pain doctors can no longer call in prescriptions by telephone, and refills will require an entirely new prescription from their physician. The drug will also be kept in special vaults in pharmacies, which in the end will help discourage theft and decrease the illegal sale of these drugs. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the tragedies happening everyday in our nation because of these medicines. These changes will take effect in about 30 days.

Read about this important new policy here.

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